Saturday, July 29, 2006

Quick Info For Those Wondering

After a lot of debate with myself, I've decided that I will post roughly once a week. There may be a few more posts than that occasionally, but I expect this to become my new regular pace. I am more of a longform blogger anyway, and the quality always suffers when I post too much. I think this will keep me fresh. I'll still probably blog more frequently than most newspaper columnists would get printed, so it all works out. So if I go a little quiet for a few days...just check back the next week!

UPDATE (8/1/06): It appears that the site hosting my news submission script has been taken offline. I'll leave the submission box up for a little while in case it comes back again, but if it stays down, I'll reclaim the sidebar space for other purposes. In the meantime, send your tips to my e-mail address. I check out everything I get, believe me.


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