Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why The AP Deserves Applause

Political hypocrisy always makes me laugh. What's even better is when the mainstream media (MSM if you prefer) laughs with me. At a press conference today, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.)called for the House ethics committee to investigate Republican members of Congress with ties to Jack Abramoff. She repeatedly referred to them as "corrupt." But this time, despite all of Pelosi's attempts to spin this, Associated Press writer Jim Abrams called her on it.

See, there are two things that Pelosi never mentions. For one - and this doesn't make the article, sadly - scandalized lobbyist Abramoff has also given money to Harry Reid (as I wrote last week) and Hillary Clinton, among other Democrats. Secondly, as Abrams points out, both a letter from Pelosi to House Speaker Dennis Hastert and her aforementioned comments did not ask for an investigation of Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.). Jefferson has been accused by a former aide of demanding bribes in exchange for promoting business opportunities in Africa. The court documents were filed...wait for it...wait for it...yesterday. Now why in the world would Pelosi be charging headlong at the GOP within a day? I wonder....

I never thought I would see a member of the AP completely own Pelosi, but Abrams objectively follows up this information with a killing quote.
Pelosi didn't comment on the Jefferson case, but stressed that "we have said all along that, Democrat or Republican, anyone who doesn't follow the rules or the law has to be held accountable. That's the difference between us."

I would fully agree with you, except I'm not so sure you agree with your own words. Ms. Pelosi, please, spare me.

And to Jim Abrams: Thank you.


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