Monday, January 16, 2006

Link Attack #2: Special MLK Day Edition

The second Link Attack has arrived! To mark Martin Luther King Day, I figured I'd hold off on releasing it until today. I've still not decided if Link Attacks will show up on a specific day of the week, as Fridays do get hectic sometimes. Send me your thoughts, please.

-Mark your calendars: On Thursday at 9 a.m., a 400-page report involving the Clinton administration will be released. As you might imagine, Dems have been trying to block it for months. And you thought the independent counsels were done with Slick Willy....

-Hardcore Bush critic David Corn has written the article that says trying to impeach Bush would be a waste of time. Gratuitous political moves usually are.

-I am not NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer. But oddly enough, our writing styles are kind of similar. The link goes to his analysis of what would happen during the Seattle-Washington playoff contest, and his final prediction was perfect (low scoring, Seattle wins). The difference between us? He makes millions more dollars in a year than I may ever make. Oh yeah, and I've never won a Super Bowl.

-Could Bill Clinton work for Microsoft?

-William Stewart has written a full guide to the West Virginia legislature. Ever want to approach a state representative and have them remember what you asked them to do? Stewart can show you how.

-According to the Washington Post, the Seattle Times decided to be politically correct and not refer to the Redskins as anything other than Washington during the week leading up to the Seahawks-Redskins game. The Redskins are from Washington. The Seahawks are from Washington. As Wizbang noted, hilarity ensued.

-A new Italian study shows that couples with a TV in the bedroom have less sex. Raise your hand if you've ever heard this line: "Not tonight honey, CSI is on."

-Jim Carrey says he's happier now that he's cut back on caffeine. Honestly, we've seen his movies. This man should never be given any kind of stimulants on any occasion. Maybe Ace Ventura was a product of the seven cups of coffee he used to drink.


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