Saturday, December 24, 2005

Frequently Asked, Finally Answered

I thought it was about time for me to post some of my most frequently asked questions from readers. And so, on this night right before Santa can make his grand arrival, that's exactly what I'm doing. I'll probably link to this post in the sidebar for reference. This is all stuff that people have asked me in the past; should you want to ask me something else, contact me at I always check my letters and comments, and I read every last one of them.

So what are you waiting for? On to the questions:

What do you care about?

God, the truth, and the balanced pursuit of both. I never mix religion and politics unless I have to (it gets ugly), so I try to stick to a more official sense of truth when I blog. That means I aim to get to the heart of an issue, no matter how ugly the facts become.

What do you like about politics?

I love the intrigue of politics, and I love talking about political issues because it keeps the mind open and thinking. But contrary to popular belief, I hate politics. They should be viewed as a means to an end; they are a necessary evil that we must take part in to reach the best decision possible. Too many people on the left, the right, and in between view politics strictly as the end. This turns what should be a purposeful debate into the mindless taking of sides, much like kids fighting on a playground. If you're looking for a true partisan, find another blog. Crosstalk (two opponents attempting to talk over each other, as with political TV shows - Ed.) has no place here.

What exactly do you consider yourself politically?

A right-of-center Republican with a fierce independent streak.

Who are you?

Now, that would be too easy...All I can tell you is that I'm a journalism major at West Virginia University.

Why do you blog anonymously?

There's a few reasons, but the best that I can give is that I want my writing to stand separate from any reputation I might have outside of the blog. I don't want first-time readers who might know me from before to base their expectations on anything but my writing. I think not signing my real name makes you think a little more about what I talk about. This is also how I express the more logical side of my personality; if you were to talk to me in casual conversation, I would probably be the last person you would suspect to be the Unknown Blogger. I don't blog because I have nothing better to do; I blog because I literally have to express this part of myself.

And before you ask, I don't hide my identity because I'm scared of negative feedback. Trust me, when someone doesn't know that the person they're talking about is sitting right next to them, they tend to be brutally honest!

Will you ever reveal yourself?

I probably will eventually, but it would be quite a while from now. However, in the interest of my personal ethics, I will reveal myself immediately if I assume a major official position.

Why didn't you blog about (insert event here)?

I tend not to blog about major political events while they're happening because it's so hard to get unfiltered information about them. Case in point: The Valerie Plame scandal, which has been like Kryptonite to me. The bottom line is that I should not be the only news source you have anyway. Instead, I should be where you look for the news you may have missed. I try to blog about what isn't going by on the ticker tape.

Also, I get a lot of readers who ask why I don't touch on certain issues. A good example involves property rights laws, a very important discussion which unfortunately puts me to sleep. Just because I should care about something doesn't mean I will enough to blog about it. I look at every tip and every piece of information that gets sent to me, however, so keep sending feedback so I can see what matters to you. I often get persuaded to write about a topic if enough people are talking about it.

Why don't you blog more consistently?

Believe it or not, I do my best. I'm a very busy college student who can't afford to sit at my keyboard all day. I also love a little something called "fresh air," which is probably why I do my best blogging in the chilly winter months.

In the last months leading up to this post (September to December 2005), I had major obligations to attend to both as a writer and as a person. I have learned the best ways to handle them, and they should be a non-factor from this point on. If you want to check whether I've made a new post recently, I strongly suggest you subscribe to my RSS feed. If you use Firefox as your browser, just add me as a Live Bookmark. You should easily be able to tell when I've updated that way. I prefer to blog at least every other day, so check back often!

Will you link to my blog?

Sure. Just ask me.


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