Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Freedom Of Choice

New drug acts as marijuana in the brain (UPI)

Now this is interesting stuff. According to a study at McGill University in Canada, a new drug called URB597 has an impressive anti-depressant effect. It works by raising the brain's levels of endocannabinoids. Translation: It's kind of like smoking up.

Lead investigator Dr. Gabriella Gotti was very much encouraged by the results.
The results were similar to the effect we might expect from the use of commonly prescribed antidepressants, which are effective on only around 30 percent of the population....Our discovery strengthens the case for URB597 as a safer, non-addictive, non-psychotropic alternative to cannabis for the treatment of pain and depression.

If she is implying that this is more effective than traditional anti-depressants, then this is big news for sure. What makes it even bigger news is that the study says it might be a safer alternative to medical marijuana. Somewhere, I can hear a NORML rep crying.

I've really never been a fan of the whole legalization movement anyway. I'm actually fairly liberal on private use; the way I see it, I have no more right to tell you what drugs to take than to tell you what to feed your kids for dinner. I may not agree with what you're doing, but it's your choice. That said, I've got some issues with people who want to smoke pot in public. Supporters argue that getting high is the same as getting drunk, but at least I don't have to get drunk just because I'm standing next to a beer drinker. Second-hand cigarette smoke is bad enough as it is. Do what you want with your body, but I'm keeping mine clean.


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