Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Very Special Announcement

I would like to take a second to thank those of you who have been reading. October 1st marked the first anniversary of the blog's creation. At the time, I was blogging into a void and promoting myself like crazy in hopes that it would catch on. (Let me tell you what, it's hard to promote yourself when you can't tell anyone who you are!) Over 5,000 hits and 120 posts later, this ship is still on course and ready to navigate through the turbulent waters of tomorrow. I have some administrative fixes coming to the Blogroll and CBA, and thanks to new and improved blogging techniques, I will finally be posting with some kind of regularity. Grades come first, so I'll try to let you know when I run into an exam week.

Part of why my posts have been lagging lately was a serious flaw in how I organized my browser's bookmarks. I was concerned that friends of mine would notice if I left the administrative stuff out in the open within my Internet browser. To hide it all, I made a folder, labeled it "Homework", and put my most important blogging links in there. A month later, I looked at the folder and was shocked to discover that I was subconsciously considering this to really be homework. I hate doing homework. So I wasn't touching the folder. I promptly renamed it with something that sounded more fun, and now I'm back with one of the most hilarious excuses for not blogging in the history of blogs. Good stuff.


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