Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Liberal Would Be An Understatement

I thought about just editing my previous post, but this deserves a new (albeit quick) entry of its own. As I noted earlier, Steve Nicholas is going to run for the WV House of Delegates. William Stewart went a step further and found the platform that Nicholas will be running on. Among his causes of choice: the end of the PATRIOT Act, the abolition of the electoral college, the end of the Iraq war, ending "the doctrine of pre-emption," and the removal of the Star Wars missile defense program.

First of all, if he clears the primary, I will honestly be shocked. He would have trouble getting elected pretty much anywhere except New England, and even there, he would have no guarantees. The man is just too liberal for public consumption in most parts of the country, especially West Virginia. He's also fairly young (mid-20s), and he suffers from what I'll refer to as Dukakis Syndrome. In other words, he's very short for a political candidate. Height and age won't be as important in a state government election as it would be at the national level, but it will still make a difference.

Another thing: Why is it that every hardcore liberal wants to see the electoral college abolished? The biggest problem with this idea is that the way candidates campaign caters entirely to the system we have in place. Going to a popular vote-based system would completely change how they get their voters. I think you would see less attention being paid to individual states and much more focusing on national TV spots and ads. Here's a question to think about: Since there would no longer be battleground states, would candidates start competing for airtime on cable channels (such as MTV) that draw certain demographics? And for that matter, who gets commercials during Desperate Housewives? Just something to think about.


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