Thursday, September 01, 2005

Some Things Don't Need An Announcement

Here's the state news of the moment: According to William Stewart (a blogger and also the Executive Assistant to state Senate Minority Leader Vic Sprouse), Sen. Robert C. Byrd will run again in 2006. It was pretty obvious already; when attack ads were taken out against him in the Charleston/Huntington area, his people ran television ads of their own supporting him in response. You don't use the money that takes for defending your character, and especially not if you don't intend to run in the next election. Byrd will make it official at 11:00 a.m. on September 7th, at the beginning of the Special Session, where plenty of his allies will be supporting him.

Now the question becomes this: Will Rep. Shelley Moore Capito throw her hat into the ring? Other Republicans already want to contest Byrd's seat, but Capito is considered to be the absolute best bet. Byrd normally wins landslide victories at the polls; however, surveys are indicating a statistical dead heat in a theoretical Byrd/Capito race. If Capito decides to go for it, you'll hear about it here first. Or at least, as close to first as my sources allow.


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