Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Off The List, On The List

Despite burning couches, overturned cars, and general chaos in the streets after a basketball game last March, West Virginia University has successfully fallen out of the top 10 party schools. The Princeton Review now ranks my school at #14, which is definitely a good thing because it isn't a major black mark on a WVU degree the way Top 5 status was.

On a side note, the ranking for marijuana use ("Reefer Madness") shows us at #19, one place higher than last year. After feeling like I could taste the air during a smoke-filled Cypress Hill concert from a few hours ago, I know why. The beer use ranking has fallen to #16 (surprising), and hard liquor is down at #19. But the real surprise is how well our library (#19, Best College Library) and the DA (#10, Best College Newspaper) did.

This doesn't mean the DA has room to rest on its laurels; the ranking is based on how popular the paper is, not how good it is. The paper has improved thanks in part to a changing of the guard and sharper writing as of recently, however, so I must give credit where it's due. It's just that the Princeton Review apparently never asked any students what they thought of their school newspapers, which seems odd. Correct me if I'm wrong here. Anyway, congrats to the DA; the only "fix" I'll push for at this moment (emphasis on "this moment") is something on your front page acknowledging your new Top 10 ranking!


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