Friday, May 20, 2005

Summertime News

Summer is almost here, and I'm celebrating at home in Martinsburg. This does NOT mean that I won't be posting; I took a short break to deal with some personal matters and to do some serious maintenance on my house, but I am resuming my blogging.

You may notice a change in my blogging style over the next month. Because I won't always have time to do longer posts (and also because there's a lot of news that comes to my attention during summertime), expect to see posts that are not nearly as long in terms of length. There will still be some full-length writing, but I figure that you'd rather see a short post than no post at all!

I am also on a dial-up connection now, but that should only be a minor setback. If I need to, I'll start blogging in Word and transfer the text to Blogger. Dial-up has a way of disconnecting when you least expect it....


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