Monday, April 11, 2005

Why Can't They Understand?

This has been one heck of a news day. Drudge has an exclusive report about a Hillary Clinton biography that "a source close to [author Edward] Kline" claims "will sink her candidacy." The title is The Truth About Hillary, and the book is currently in the middle of a publisher war. Even though the piece has all the makings of a scandal, the strange part is that liberal and Kennedy enthusiast Klein is the author. Is this a cheap ploy to make a quick buck? Will Klein play the role of the objective journalist and report the (possibly shocking) truth to the best of his ability? Or does this somehow tie in to an effort to get another politico in the running for President? I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

If this is a case of backstabbing, even if it wasn't Klein's intention, it wouldn't surprise me. Right now, some of the Dems' internal and external rhetoric is getting unusually ugly, possibly due to a pressure to reverse 1994's GOP takeover and paint Congress blue in 2006. John Edwards told New York Magazine, “I think talking about a front-runner [Hillary] four years before an election is ridiculous,” and he is obviously gearing up to make another run of his own. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak wrote an editorial today that claims op-ed page staffer Tobin Hershaw of the New York Times was forcibly pushing efforts to find Republicans who would give negative opinions of Tom DeLay. And last (but certainly not least), new DNC chairman Howard Dean is looking for a solid platform, trying to shift to the middle, and finally unraveling his own efforts by tactlessly implying that Democrats are better Christians than Republicans.

Why doesn't the Left get it? You may recall that I identify best with the Republican Party because of their general optimism, but it's also because they aren't nearly as prone to vitriolic strife. When it looks like the Dems just want to insult the Right or shout them into oblivion, it's a major turn-off to me and to a lot of other voters. Moving farther to the center is only half the battle for them to succeed; if they really want to reclaim power, they need to talk more about the good they wish to do in this country. I respect you guys (although I rarely agree with you), and if you want to find new converts, it would help if you treat us with respect, as opposed to thinking we're all just like Jerry Falwell. You also need to anoint a main candidate ASAP, without inter-party bickering and whining. Build bridges inside your castle first and build the drawbridge second; you'll be much more pleased with the results.


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