Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Pope At Peace

As you probably know already, Pope John Paul II died this weekend at the age of 84. His funeral is scheduled for Friday. Both George Bushes and Bill Clinton are expected to attend, although the Vatican reportedly snubbed Jimmy Carter's request to come. No word yet on whether Hillary Clinton will join her husband. President Bush will become the first president to attend a pope's funeral while still in office.

Many Catholics and non-Catholics are grieving for the Pope, but personally, I rejoiced. Don't get me wrong, I did NOT want the Pope dead; however, from a religious standpoint, I feel that he is finally where he belongs. Even from a secular perspective, the Pope lived about as full a life as anyone could ever hope to live; not only was he a very active head of his church (so much so that he is already being called "the Pope of Popes"), but he was also notable for his humanitarian work and probably had a hand in the decline of Communism. This man lived a very long, very beautiful, and very devout life. May he rest in peace.


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