Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More Stuff That's Kind Of Important

First of all, I know that today was an unusual spurt of blogging for me. I've had an extremely busy college life since I came back from Spring Break, and given the choice between an "A" in a course and a post on my blog, I'll make the grade long before the post. Bear with me, as the period between now and May doesn't look much better.

Something kind of major: Although I won't delete the post from my site, I'm going to create a separate link section for CBA bloggers. I've started to realize how annoying it is to load a special post when I want to see your blogs, and I know it's probably worse for you, so I'll add them in manually on the link page and modify the post to reflect the change. Also, spiders aren't reading my outgoing links to CBA bloggers correctly, so my adding them to the main page might improve your Google Page Rank, among other things.

As for the long-awaited discussion of a challenge to Robert Byrd: I've heard rumors that a major announcement involving the 2006 West Virginia Senate campaign will come by the end of the week. Although I don't know how credible said rumors are, stay on the lookout. I will most likely talk at length about this tomorrow or Thursday.


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