Monday, February 28, 2005

Major Updates, Better Service

I said recently that I would cross-link most of the bloggers that Dr. Hanson lists on his website. I'm still doing that, and pending final approval, two new blogs will join the College Blog Alliance today.

In even bigger news, the creator of the internet mind-game T.U.R.M. offered me a news tip submission script (much like the one Drudge uses on his site) in exchange for a link to his game. I've played it gets downright maddening after the first few levels. As for the tip box, it is now located in the sidebar. If you have tips about anything, submit them through the tip box, and I will follow up on them. I will check things out much faster if you leave your name, but you don't have to. In either case, all submissions will be kept confidential.


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