Sunday, February 13, 2005

Live-Blogging the Grammys

Although I have never live-blogged anything before, I thought that it might be good to do so tonight. Being the music fiend that I am (as longtime readers know all too well), I figured I'd share with you my opinion of the Grammys as the winners are announced. This will be fairly time-consuming for me, but I think you'll enjoy it. I'll be quick-updating this post throughout the broadcast, so reload the page periodically so you don't miss anything. Yeah, I don't really have much to do tonight, and I wanted to make up for the Incredible Missing Interview. So if you're near a TV, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy.

7:58 --- I had forgotten that CBS also airs 60 Minutes on Sunday nights. Now there's something I don't watch anymore...

8:00 --- The Grammys just started. Black Eyed Peas vocalist Fergie leads into the show with the most painful (and longest) sustained note I've heard in ages.

8:02 --- Gwen Stefani, "Rich Girl" was fun the first two times I heard it. Too bad that it is now destroying any good memories I have of the classic musical Fiddler on the Roof.

8:05 --- Thank you, Los Lonely Boys. I needed a breath of fresh air. Ladies and gentlemen, guitarist Henry Garza is the real deal. Now this is music!

8:07 --- Maroon 5, who are coming to WVU in March, are on stage. Is it my imagination, or is vocalist Adam Levine a better guitarist than anyone else in the band?!?

8:10 --- The Black Eyed Peas/Maroon 5 mash-up just segued into Franz Ferdinand. If these guys mix in with Gwen Stefani, I'm leaving.

8:11 --- Jay-Z and Linkin Park might have set a precedent last year. Every band on the stage just committed the most gratuitous mash-up I've ever seen. I feel dirty.

8:16 --- Queen Latifah just hinted at the inevitable J-Lo/Marc Anthony duet. Spare me.

8:18 --- Blues pianist Pinetop Perkins just won a Lifetime Achievement Award. Who the heck is...but it's okay, he played with Muddy Waters!

8:19 --- First major Grammy goes to Los Lonely Boys. (Pop Duo or Group with Vocals)

8:26 --- Jazz legend Art Blakey just got a Lifetime Achievement Award. It's about time.

8:31 --- Jamie Foxx duets with Alicia Keys for an incredible Ray Charles homage. I love having TiVo at times like this.

8:34 --- Best Male R&B Vocal Performance goes to Prince. The comeback is complete, but presenter Nelly has to accept on his behalf. Want to bet that's the only Grammy Nelly gets to accept tonight?

8:41 --- Jerry Lee Lewis receives a Lifetime Achievement Award. The only song of his that I remember is "Great Balls of Fire." can't just hand out Grammys like popcorn, people! No offense to Lewis, but there has to be a more influential choice for this one.

8:47 --- YES!!! After all this time, Led Zeppelin wins a Lifetime Achievement Award. There is justice in this world after all.

8:48 --- Best Rock Album goes to Green Day. If you've heard all about how American Idiot is one giant middle finger to the Bush administration, you've heard wrong. Only two songs - the title track and "Holiday" - are like that. The rest of it has a political undercurrent, but it's really a universal coming-of-age story about love and loss. If you haven't bought this album, go do so now, because you will probably love it. I'll be here when you get back.

9:03 --- This should quiet the people who always call for "Free Bird" during concerts.

9:21 --- Queen Latifah has an incredible voice.

9:23 --- Best New Artist goes to Maroon 5. Levine does the classy thing and thanks Kanye West first; both were equally deserving.

9:33 --- Green Day's pyrotechnics look like mini-nukes. Who knew visual effects could have a purpose in rock?

9:35 --- Best R&B Album goes to Alicia Keys. Good choice.

9:45 --- "Jesus Walks", the most important rap song of 2004, just came on. A visionary performance.

9:52 --- Kanye West comes back onstage to accept an award for Best Rap Album.

At this point, I can't devote my full attention to the Grammys, so I'll stop the post here. Check back tomorrow for the REALLY big awards.


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