Thursday, February 03, 2005

It Must Have Been the Whole Excommunication Thing

A new Pew poll is out showing that, in the 2004 election, Catholics favored President Bush over John Kerry by 53% to 47%. Kerry's stance on abortion probably didn't help him, but what bothered me more - and what probably bothered Catholics and Protestants alike - was how he talked about his faith in a way that seemed completely forced during the debates. To the Democratic party: If you want to stop losing majorities over issues of faith, start by keeping what your candidates say about their beliefs from sounding politicized. Although I don't doubt Kerry's faith, the notion that he was openly using it with the knowledge of its power over voters was one of the major ways he lost me. It was as if he was trying so hard to not offend anyone with his convictions that he sounded hollow while giving voice to them. In my opinion, this is one of the big (and unexplored) reasons why Senator Kerry lost the election.


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