Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hollywood Lowlights

George Bush, Halle Berry Share Worst Film Honors (Reuters)

President Bush won multiple Razzies this weekend for his appearance in "Fahrenheit 9/11." I don't think you can make a big deal out of that (what kind of objectivity should the Razzies have?), but I think it's ridiculous that his awards were for such categories as "Worst Actor" (acting? Oh yeah, he's supposedly a liar) and "Worst Screen Couple." Yes, it's Hollywood. Yes, half of the Worst Screen Couple was a book -- "My Pet Goat" -- that Bush was reading to schoolchildren when he found out the Twin Towers had been hit on 9/11.

The left has savaged Bush because he didn't get up and respond to the attack immediately, but if you ask me, finishing the book was the right thing to do. His staff was more than capable of acting in his absence, and leaving suddenly would have badly upset the kids. Besides, what did they expect him to do, grab a rocket launcher and shoot down the planes himself? The "My Pet Goat" thing is actually one of the things I always liked about Bush, because if he were really as stupid as most Dems believe, he would have done the impulsive thing and left immediately, even though he couldn't have done anything directly.

I can't comment directly on Halle Berry's performance in "Catwoman," but from what I've heard, she deserves the dishonor. I do find it interesting that Arnold Schwarzenegger won a Razzie because he had been nominated eight times and had never received one. Political statement or good-natured joke? It's hard to say for the Governator, but in Bush's case, it was a political statement from the most politicized city in America: Hollywood, California.


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