Monday, February 14, 2005

Following Up on the Weekend

Last night's Grammys ended with the Ray Charles album Genius Loves Company winning Album of the Year. No surprise there, I guess. I was attempting to hold several phone and e-mail conversations throughout the broadcast, which is why I cut the live-blogging short. All the good stuff happened while I was still blogging, so if you stopped watching when I called it a night, then you didn't miss much (aside from the questionable and safe choice of John Mayer's "Daughters" as Song of the Year). According to Drudge, the Grammys had their lowest ratings since 1995.

An update on the Dominion Post situation: I am still awaiting official word on the article's status, but the reporter I talked to expected it to run yesterday and apologizes for the confusion. Assuming the article hasn't been canned by the higher-ups, it will still run at an unspecified date. More info as it develops.


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