Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Feedback (And Change) is Good

I've received some feedback involving the College Blog Alliance (hereafter referred to as the CBA), and I've decided to make some minor changes to my blog because of it. As of now, the only WVU links that will be listed in my Blogroll are the Daily Athenaeum and Dr. Hanson's blog. I have three reasons behind doing this. For one, to list some student bloggers in my Blogroll at the expense of others is unfair. Secondly, I'm keeping Dr. Hanson on because his blog is an important resource for anyone interested in the media, particularly for the WVU journalism students who give my blog the most traffic. As for keeping the DA where they've been since I first added links to my site, I think that they're a crucial source for anyone who comes here, especially if you don't attend my school and want a better understanding of the local issues that I cover. Bookmark the CBA post or the blogs you like now, because I will not deviate from this course.

While I'm on the subject, expect to see more national coverage this week. Between the interview and various other things going on around my neck of the woods (yes, I just paraphrased Al Roker...), I haven't been able to devote the time that I would like to issues and stories that affect everyone. I've got a lot to say, but I've not got much time right now to say it. I'm even thinking about doing straight commentary (no linking required), but it's still up in the air. Nation-focused blogging begins anew after today; however, I encourage you all to give feedback. My e-mail hasn't changed, and I'm willing to be as close to my readers as an unknown blogger can be.


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