Sunday, February 20, 2005

The College Blog Alliance

This is where I'll be posting links to college bloggers, both students and faculty, who focus on news, the media, journalism, and politics. The concept of a "college blog alliance" is sort of a tongue-in-cheek one; it's not a special organization or anything like that, but it's a memorable way to list these links. After all, we bloggers are all in this together to a certain degree; hence, the title "College Blog Alliance." Go to the end of the list to see ground rules for submissions.

To submit, just send an e-mail to I encourage anyone who gets listed to add a link to their main page with the following address:

Rules for submissions:

1.) Unless you are a photoblogger, don't submit foreign-language blogs. In other words, if I can't read it and it doesn't have really nice pictures, it won't get linked.

2.) No diaries.

3.) You must be a student or faculty member when you submit your link; however, I will not remove you if you graduate or leave for any other reason. Instead, I will add a designation to your link that shows your current status.

4.) I will look at all submissions, but I would appreciate it if you tell me what school you are from. This saves me time and gets your blog linked faster.

5.) If you have not updated in four (4) months or longer, you will be removed from the list.

I will check everyone's links periodically. If your URL (web address) changes, let me know.

Send in those links!

NOTE FOR MEMBERS: As of April 6, 2005, the CBA bloggers are linked on the main page. Linking you on the main page helps spiders and others notice the link to your blog more easily. Please update your links!


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