Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cold War Lite

There I was, surfing the internet and minding my own business (yeah, I know...kind of rare for me), when something deeply disturbing came to my attention. North Korea finally confessed to having nukes, and the government is refusing to talk about curbing their nuclear program. Obviously, the countries involved in talks with them (including the US) want to resume diplomacy. Needless to say, this is dangerous. I would comment further on this, but the link explains everything that can be explained for now. I'll watch this one closely, and if I find some more pertinent information, I'll post it.

Quick note: A large post is coming tomorrow. I've been fighting with my Internet connection all day and need to study for an exam, but I think you'll find tomorrow's blogging to be very interesting on the national front. It won't be nearly as gloomy as this post.

UPDATE: I just caught wind of the Friday edition of the DA. It features an editorial by Charlie Wade about the North Korea situation in which he urges the United States to work closely with China, as they may have the best chance of any one country to succeed in talks with Kim Jong-Il's government. His best point is that we must attempt to let the people of North Korea know that we do not wish to invade their country. Required reading.

CRITICAL UPDATE: I should have known that North Korea had something in mind when they announced their nuke ownership. Now they say they'll only talk one-on-one with the US. Seeing as the whole thing is not our problem alone, the US is refusing to talk without the involvement of our other allies. What is Kim Jong-Il playing at? InstaPundit is gathering some thoughts on the subject from various sources, so you might want to visit there. Like I said, I'm keeping tabs on this one.


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