Thursday, January 13, 2005

Throwing Up a Flagg

I almost never link to forum posts, but I had to make an exception. Over at the conservative forum Free Republic, a member by the handle of RandallFlagg made his first-ever blogging post. The post, WMDs = Cheese, is an intriguing theory on the war in Iraq in which he proposes that the WMDs may have been the ultimate terrorist bait. Yes, there's a little left-bashing in the beginning (if you think I'm bad about this, then you've never met a devoted FReeper), but there's some excellent possibilities discussed in here that I think is well worth anyone's time. Keep in mind that this is all speculation, but it's very good speculation. Also browse the comments at the bottom for some thoughts on why these theories could be true.

One thing that really doesn't work in Flagg's favor was something I had forgotten about. I didn't remember the wording when I started blogging this story, but Bush had an interview for 20/20 that doesn't make the "this all went according to plan" theory look too promising. The interview airs Friday, but part of it can be found here.

Speaking of Iraq, I have something related that's more than worth blogging about, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I need my sleep.

UPDATE: Note to self: No more blogging past my bedtime. Look at the date of the original post. Wow. So it's kind of a dead thread...and it looks like the interview coming Friday could be the undertaker. Oh well. I think I did reasonably well with both sides of Flagg's argument, and because it still feels like it has a little validity, I'm not deleting this post. I don't believe in covering my tracks, even though I may have just had a CBS moment. (By the way, Rathergate's practically over; once all related blogs lose their sense of direction, I'll retire them from my BlogRoll.)


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