Monday, January 31, 2005

Info on This Week

This should be a fun week here at The Unknown Blogger. A little serious commentary, a little at the local level, AND I'll be giving out my Super Bowl predictions! (Don't laugh quite yet, as I can't remember the last time I picked the losing side in the big one. That, and I'm usually really close to the final point spread.)

A quick note on the local front: The DA's Opinion page was easily the best I've seen in my time as a WVU student today. Resident lefty ideologue Steve Nicholas was well-balanced by Ry Rivard and Michael Withrow, who both had some optimism towards the Iraqi elections. But rather than jumping on the Withrow bandwagon as usual (for the record, I don't know him personally, I just consider him to be reasonable), I have to give my regards to LJ Ulrich, who wrote an excellent piece on the Michael Crichton novel State of Fear. Why am I giving him props? That's simple: his piece was extremely balanced and criticized both left and right, which is impressive because he's the president of WVU's Young Democrats. Cue my earnest applause.

Oh, and I thought it peculiar that the paper made a call today for the city and the college to do a better job of fighting alcohol abuse. I also found it odd that they published a single anti-marijuana letter in Tuesday's edition (which went to press as I was writing this), especially since the letter rebutted the Bible-based case for weed that ran exactly one week ago. Why is this so unusual? Well, it might be because someone on the DA staff found my blog over the weekend by doing a Yahoo! search for "the unknown blogger wvu". After finding me, he or she proceeded to go through several of my more recent posts, particularly the ones dealing with the legalization issue. It looks like they're catching on...


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