Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Deacon's Thoughts on War

You know, sometimes the most refreshing views on current events and politics come from the people who seem the least political. Case in point: an interview with Hall of Fame lineman Deacon Jones, in which he talks about visiting Iraq. Although the majority of the conversation involved football, interviewer Adam Schefter had a very provocative question for him:

Schefter: What are your thoughts on the war in Iraq?

Jones: I would never issue a genuine opinion about the war in Iraq until the troops come home. And I'll tell you why, man. I saw them in action, and any position you take is going to be something against the troops, no matter how you cut it. So I don't have any opinion until the boys and girls come home. All I know is that they're doing one hell of a job under the most difficult circumstances I've ever seen in my whole life. And I just spent some time visiting the amputees at Walter Reed, visiting the wounded troops around the country, and trying to bring some peace and contentment to the families who have lost people on a permanent basis.

I think that if Jones fully agreed with the war, he would have said so; then again, I could be wrong. If he had come out and said, "I think it was a mistake," then his words would add to the chorus of dissent. Regardless of how any of us feel about the war, I think it would be best to follow his example. While I do not say this in an effort to suppress protest, I believe that, for the sake of the soldiers and their morale, we need to shut up and support our troops.


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