Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Controversy? What Controversy? (Pt. 1)

Oscars shut out "Kinsey," "Fahrenheit 9/11;" "Passion of the Christ" gets three minor nominatons (AP)

You can't please all of the people all of the time. Michael Moore should have kept his movie out of Best Picture contention and in the Best Documentary category; by way of the shutout, the Academy prevents him from more anti-Bush grandstanding. Shouldn't he have known he didn't have a shot after November 3? If he shows up, he'll hopefully be the new Makeover Moore, rather than his normal slob-slacker persona.

When you read the nominations, it's easy to stop and smell the Oscar diplomacy. Many conservative Republicans (myself not included) would have had a small coronary if "Kinsey" had won anything important. The left side of Hollywood (read: 90% of Hollywood) might have had seizures in the aisles if "The Passion" had won Best Picture, but the Academy had to balance the right with the left, and it would have been criminal to not nominate "The Passion" for something. Mark my words: Mel Gibson's film WILL win at least one of the awards it was nominated for. Who knew that the Oscars could be so politicized?

(A side note: Pt. 2 of this is coming either today or tomorrow. It's not related to the Oscars, but the title is perfect for the coming post. Let's just say it ties back into my post from Friday.)

CORRECTION: I read a copy of the report again via the DA and noticed that "Kinsey" actress Laura Linney, who played Liam Neeson's wife in the movie, received a Best Supporting Actress nomination. Oddly, this fact was mentioned in a one-line blurb in the middle of some less consequential nominations. At least it wasn't a complete shutout after all...

On a more interesting note, the AP article linked above has been edited at least once. The version in the DA referred to Kinsey's wife as "carnally adventurous," but the version I linked to calls her "sexually adventurous." A bizarre edit, but an edit nonetheless.


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