Monday, January 10, 2005

Break Out the Pom-Poms

I really didn't think that people in general could shock me anymore, but this is outrageous. I've not been following the Abu Ghraib court-martials closely, but the minute I saw this, I had to link to it. Charles Graner's trial started today, and his attorney, Guy Womack, started his opening arguments by comparing the stacking of naked prisoners to cheerleader pyramids. He also argued that the use of tethers (read: dog leashes) on the prisoners was acceptable.

If you know any cheerleaders or were one yourself, you know that, while cheerleaders do like forming pyramids, not even the most masochistic would like being tortured, beaten, degraded, and humiliated like the prisoners at Abu Ghraib. If it's possible to get a nice, big tablespoon of BS and feed it to the court, then that's what Womack did today. This is disgraceful.

As for the leash comment, it looks completely inane when shown after this line in the report:

Womack said using a tether was a valid method of controlling detainees, especially those who might be soiled with feces.

Enough said.


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