Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Who Didn't See This Coming? (A Defense of Fox News)

Zell Miller to join Fox News

This is one reason why it angers me that my dorm cable doesn't carry Fox. It's practically a conservative's playground, and although I wish all of the networks knew how to be impartial, Fox remains the counterpoint to the left-of-center CNN and way left MSNBC.

(If you don't believe me on MSNBC, just sit down and watch the network during prime-time on a weeknight. If you think the commentary's liberal, then you weren't watching the news segments during the 2000 election!)

Coincidentally, out of all three stations, guess which one airs at every Morgantown restaurant and bar? That's right...Fox News. Keep in mind that this is a college town that knows how to party, and the student body seems to be predominantly liberal. (The election maps can't tell you much, because WVU students did most of their voting in their hometowns or via absentee ballots.)

I guess the reason why I don't mind Fox's bias as much is not because I agree with it more; instead, whenever you see their bias, it doesn't feel like the political undercurrent that marks a loss of objectivity. When you hear a conservative opinion on Fox, it's obviously an opinion. Imagine a magazine like TIME, except right-wing and televised, and that's what Fox News is to me. Their opinions aren't supposed to be universally accepted as correct, as is often the case with other forms of the mainstream media. Besides, I honestly feel like they could stand a chance at becoming more moderate -- and therefore more popular with the left -- if Democrats weren't so antsy about appearing on the network. Some of them say they decline out of principle; I say they decline because they know Fox people aren't going to throw softball questions at them. When you can't get the left to show up, you can only show the other side.

But back to the main point: Zell Miller has enough fire to be a perfect choice for the network. Something tells me MSNBC didn't want him...but that's another story. Miller has readily admitted that Bush is the only Republican presidential candidate he has ever voted for, so he should bring a fresh perspective that might keep other Dems from getting cold feet with Fox.

Simply put, Zell Miller is a step in the...err, right direction for Fox.


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