Tuesday, December 07, 2004

That's the Sound of a Baby Crying

McAuliffe uses Pearl Harbor to slam GOP - (United Press International)

I'm not saying this just because I'm a Republican, but Terry McAuliffe honestly angers me. It's not because of his viewpoints, it's because he sounds like a robot! He's constantly on the attack without explaining himself or his opinions, and he uses every single opportunity to spin an event into an attack on the GOP. From what I've seen, he is the single most abrasive figure in politics and one of the reasons why I chose a party instead of voting independently. He is the embodiment of everything I would never want to be. When you sound like a baby having a temper tantrum every time you comment on something, I'm not sending you any fanmail.

Of course, there's a dark irony in McAuliffe's remarks. He's a lame duck DNC chairman who will probably be replaced with Howard Dean within the next few months (or days...who knows?). Although I don't like Dean much better, he does have a certain degree of charisma and, unlike McAuliffe, doesn't always sound like an ideologue. Besides, he makes me laugh.


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