Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bizarre Post of the Year

The McRib: Is it more myth than a sandwich? (Columbia Missourian)

I've never had one. Heck, I practically swore off Mickey D's ages ago. I wonder if anyone's ever been mugged for their McRib? I can see it now: Some guy walks down the street holding a McDonald's bag when, out of nowhere, a Ribhead tackles him, takes two McRibs out of the bag, and runs off.

You know, maybe McRibs are special like brownies...It would explain why people are flipping out over them. You've got to love the mystery meat that is used in a boneless rib sandwich.

Or maybe people just feel empty and need something to get excited about.

UPDATE: On a more serious and sensible note, at 11:09 tonight, the blog cracked 500 page views. (I don't count the SiteMeter total because it doesn't block my own visits, which greatly inflates the count.) Thanks to ClickThru, Free Republic, and the people who keep coming back. The best is yet to come! (No, the best does not include this post...but I reserve the right to post Diversions every now and then.)


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