Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Update: Arnett Postponed

I know this is a letdown, but Peter Arnett is still in Baghdad and had to reschedule. I will see him whenever he can make it, and I apologize to my readers for the buildup.

On a brighter note, I discovered that Ralph Hanson has his own blog. Hanson is a journalism professor; in fact, I'm pretty sure he's the head of the news-editorial program. He's also the author of Mass Communication: Living in a Media World. That book is important because it's the required text for all first-year journalism students. If his blog is provocative enough, it'll get added to my BlogRoll, and I'll definitely refer to it often.

Think of it this way: At least my other major updates will come sooner now.

UPDATE: Hanson's blog address is faulty, so I'll have to do some searching for it. If anything else goes wrong today, I'll have to go see if the Memory Hole found any evidence of a conspiracy against me. (Granted, the Memory Hole is a little off-the-wall sometimes, but who knows?)


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