Sunday, November 07, 2004

State of the Blog

No, it's not quite annual, but it's still a report. Obviously, I've only been blogging for about a month. I started blogging in response to the extreme displays of liberal bias at CBS during the weeks before the election, namely Rathergate and the bogus draft story. At first, my blog only covered bias in the media, which was my way of trying to gather a nonpartisan case against networks and newspapers. When I discovered how enjoyable opinion-based commentary can be, I relaunched as The Unknown Blogger. This way, I could write about politics and anything else I wanted while still covering bias. Although I am a registered Republican, I considered being an independent, but I wanted a hand in Republican primaries. (This should come in handy around 2008.) For that reason, I am proud to say that I never line up my opinion with anyone's talking points, and I almost always blog about things you won't hear about anywhere else. It has been said that the blogosphere reports on what was already reported, but I found the horribly partisan National Student Voter Guide by myself, and I peeled back the layers on the underreported "draft without a draft" story. But enough bragging; I still need to talk about the blog itself and where it's going.

First of all, progress. To my knowledge, I've only been linked once, and it was by Lancelot Finn, who became famous for his scathing critique of Republican blogger and Kerry supporter Andrew Sullivan. (In case you don't know who he is, he's written for such magazines as The New Republic and recently TIME.) When I first started my blog, I was lucky to get four hits a day; on November 1 alone, I had over 50, partially due to posting a link to my draft story on Free Republic. I've had visitors from almost every state, as well as Mexico, Canada, and Japan.

So what about the future? Let me be clear on this. The election is over. This blog is not. I've heard many people joke about how many bloggers will probably stop after the election (media elitists, no doubt). I'm not going away. There are only four things that could make this blog disappear:

1. The end of bias and politics as we know it.

2. I find a better outlet for my writings. (You know, like the Wall Street Journal's op-ed page.)

3. The destruction of EVERY computer ever made, and therefore the Internet.

4. A really big lightning strike. Seriously.

As for updates on my blog, I obviously can't blog as often as most bloggers (college does that to a man), so to make up for it, I always try to say as much as I can without being wordy. I'm probably failing miserably at the whole "not wordy" thing, but I can dream.

I'm still overhauling the blog as we speak. I'm working on setting up a BlogRoll, which should be up by the end of the week (or whenever I figure out where to put it in the site code, seeing as I'm inept with HTML). Once I do, you'll be able to have one-click access to anywhere you can find a good blog. I will NEVER knowingly link to anything pornographic, so if you find a site in my BlogRoll that crosses the line, send me an e-mail. Keep in mind that I'm still small-time, so I can read all my e-mail and respond to it. I don't expect to need an upgrade on my Yahoo account or anything, if you catch my drift.

I've got a lot to say in the days leading up to Christmas. Bookmark the page and tell all your friends, liberal or conservative. (Tell your liberal friends I was strongly against Sinclair Broadcasting airing "Stolen Honor" before the election; it's the truth, I just never blogged it until now.) I'm not going away, and hopefully, neither are you.


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