Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Is This Brian Williams Thing a Smokescreen by CBS?

Power Line has a story right now about how Brian Williams dismissed bloggers as "on an equal footing with someone in a bathroom with a modem." Whether Williams actually said that or not, the source of the story is CBS Marketwatch. Am I the only blogger who smells a rat here? PL's Hindrocket mentioned that Williams went out of his way to talk to him on election night, so unless he wanted to thank Power Line personally for helping expose Rathergate, something isn't adding up. Think about it, everyone: Bloggers have become a new and very powerful weapon. Why shouldn't Big Media want to use us? Drudge ran a story saying that NBC fell to third place during sweeps, so if CBS smells blood, why not get the bloggers after Tom Brokaw's replacement? I urge caution before we pass any judgment on Williams yet, as blogging has become a weapon of great power. Watch this space.

UPDATE: I jumped the gun. Apparently, Marketwatch isn't actually part of CBS and is splitting from Viacom. I'm still suspicious, regardless.


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