Monday, November 01, 2004

Bush Poised to Take West Virginia

As of this writing, RealClearPolitics ( shows President Bush leading in my home state of West Virginia by 8.5%. USA Today has turned WV red on their electoral map, so I have a feeling that Gallup showed a very strong pull to Bush. What makes this particularly sweet for me is that everyone's favorite campus newspaper, WVU's The Daily Athenaeum, endorsed John Kerry in Friday's edition. The editorials were unintentionally hilarious today, particularly Sara Bott's demand to know why anyone would vote for Bush. (You can see that online at Now that she mentions it, I can give five very good reasons off the top of my head:

1. To quote Kerry's mother: "Integrity, integrity, integrity."

2. Stability, stability, stability.

3. The prospect of a "draft without a draft." (See --100 Days to Wreck America-- for that one.)

4. Kerry is a career politician who always seems willing to compromise his own views because they aren't popular with voters. To quote a line from SNL, "That's not flip-flopping, that's pandering!"

5. Whenever Bush and Kerry differ on the issues, I agree with Bush's stance. (In any other election, this would be the only reason to choose a candidate - because you agree with them.)

Although I've already voted for Bush (count that as my endorsement), I ask all of you to do your duty as citizens and vote tomorrow. Regardless of your choice, I pray that whoever is elected or re-elected is the right choice for this country. I expect Bush to win, but if he doesn't, I hope Kerry can prove himself and prove me wrong.

Note: I'm going to be making some updates to the site over the course of the week. I apologize in advance if you have trouble with the blog or it looks a little out of sorts. If either candidate clearly wins, expect a deluge of posts, as I won't be able to contain (or restrain, in Kerry's case) myself. If the election drags on, as it did in 2000, I may take a break to get away from the whole thing for about a week or so. Bookmark the blog and check back often!


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