Friday, October 01, 2004


There are three major things that make this blog unlike anything you've ever seen:

1. I am from West Virginia University. If anything shady is going on (bias in the school paper, embezzlement, etc.), you'll hear about it here first.

2. Both liberal and conservative bias are fair game here. If you find anything resembling irresponsible reporting, send it to Include a link so I can substantiate it and do research. Occasionally I will include my opinion on current events, but I will never, EVER tell you what to think.

3. If I feel like posting something completely random, I'll do so. This is especially true during football season, as I'm usually decent at picking games week-to-week. Or I might post something off-the-wall for a laugh. I will guarantee, however, that this is in no way an online diary like so many other blogs.

So to sum things up, I post four kinds of articles: News, BiasWatch, Opinions, and Diversions.
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