Friday, October 01, 2004

Last Night's Debates

Well, I had hoped that last night would have given us a better idea of where the candidates stand. It didn't really do so for Kerry. Bush looked so tired, it was as if he alone was bearing the weight of the last four years of American history (being President does that to a man). Kerry could definitely sense that and capitalized on it as best as he could, but he still doesn't seem sure of his own convictions. Why else would he have made nuclear proliferation one of his main talking points? It's an issue, but it's on the back burner compared to everything else. But I digress.

Two points on each candidate:

1.) He definitely seemed more confident than Bush. Had Bush been more aggressive with Kerry, his confidence might have imploded (as evidenced by the occasional sour face when Bush nailed a few rebuttals).
2.) His point involving the NYC subway shutdown during the RNC was false. The Drudge Report already got confirmation that the subway stayed open while the convention took place.

1.) Many people thought he coined a new word when he said "transshipment" toward the end of the debate. This actually IS a real word, according to Webster's Online Dictionary.
2.) One of Bush's best moments came in his closing statement, where he emphasized the use of a volunteer military. This is his way of saying, "All the e-mails and the CBS story about bringing the draft back are false." (If you don't know about the CBS story, go to for more info; it's a classic example of liberal bias. I'm lucky enough to have it on tape.)

So who won? If you closed your eyes while the debate played out, Bush had the edge by making better points; if you watched intently, Kerry won simply because Bush looked exhausted and had a few scary moments in which he drew blanks. Overall, I call it a draw.

Side note: One interesting trick of diplomacy and politics involves tie color. Kerry wore a red tie last night, but Bush wore a blue tie. Aside from the obvious "red state/blue state" contradiction here, red ties symbolize an aggressive stance on the issues at hand, whereas blue ties symbolize a more reasonable, diplomatic outlook. This explains why Kerry was on the attack while Bush tried to explain himself and offer counterpoints. This is a true concept; the next time you watch a United Nations meeting or a Senate debate, pay attention to the ties.


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